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Admissions for September 2020

July 2019 Update - For those parents who registered in June for their daughters to sit the Entrance Test, your confirmation letter of timings/instructions etc, will be posted out the first week back in September. For reference, the test will take place on Saturday 14th September, you would have received an email from the registration bureau confirming your test centre this week.

Pupil Premium ~ The information below was in the Registration process in June.

Section 8.  Pupil Premium and Service Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

You must provide written evidence to your allocated Test Centre before your child sits the Entrance Test.

If you live outside of Gloucestershire you will need to request written evidence from your Home Local Authority and ask them to send the evidence to your allocated Test Centre.  The onus is on the Parent / Carer to ensure that the evidence is provided.

Service Pupil Premium

Please click on the link below for an explanation of Service Pupil Premium and who is eligible:

For Service Pupil Premium please contact the Admissions Officer of each school you have selected in Section 7.  They will advise you on the school’s over-subscription policy and any evidence you need to submit.  Each school has its own policy so it is essential that you check directly with each school.

The Grammar Schools are not responsible for collecting or requesting the evidence.

Sunday 1st March 2020: the Local Authority will offer places on behalf of Ribston Hall High School to the highest ranking girls until they reach our admission number of 150. There are likely to be more students who pass the test than can be offered a place.  Girls who meet the qualifying standard, but have not been successful in gaining a place, will have the opportunity to go on a waiting list and may be offered a place should one become available. You MUST coordinate with Gloucestershire County Council (date and time to be confirmed).  You are also entitled to appeal (see below).


Non-qualifying Standard:

Girls who did not achieve the qualifying rank are unable to be considered for a place at Ribston Hall High School or to be placed on our waiting list. 

If you need any further information regarding Admissions to Ribston Hall High School, please contact the Admissions Officer on 01452 382249 or email 

If you need any further information regarding the allocation of school places, please contact the Admissions and TransfersTeam  or call 01452 425713

Missed Registration Information  

Year 7 Entry September 2020

If you did not register your daughter in June 2019 to sit the Grammar test on Saturday 14th September, please follow the instructions below:

1) October 2019: You will need to complete and return your Common Application Form in October to your Local Authority (Gloucestershire County Council or other if you live outside Gloucestershire). You can include Grammar Schools on this Common Application Form if you wish. However, your daughter cannot be considered for a grammar place until she has a test result (See point 4). Alternatively, you can use your five choices for other schools, and then ask to be considered for a grammar school place during Gloucestershire LA’s waiting list round once your daughter has her results.

2) Monday 2nd March 2020: National Allocation Day is on 2nd March. Your daughter will be allocated a secondary school (not a grammar school, see 1 above) based on your preferences on the Common Application Form. At this point, if you live in Gloucestershire, you should also receive details on how to be considered during the waiting list round – see point 3 below.

3) After 2nd March but BEFORE 9th March 2020: You will need to contact the Gloucestershire Local Authority and complete the Waiting List Common Application Form. This form will be available on the Gloucester Local Authority Website. If you do not do this at this point your daughter will not be able to sit the post-allocation entrance test.

4) Mid-March 2020: Provided you have completed the above Form with Gloucestershire Local Authority; your daughter will be offered an opportunity to sit the post-allocation entrance test. If she achieves a qualifying score she can be placed on the waiting list in rank order and would be included in the waiting list process. Gloucestershire Local Authority will notify you if your daughter is offered a place at her chosen grammar school.

5) After 30th March 2020: This is the end of the post allocation process at which point final allocations are confirmed. After this date, if any allocated places are declined, Gloucestershire County Council go back to the waiting list and offer places in rank order, this is when your daughter may be offered a place. Based on previous years, we usually have a number of places declined.

6) April 2020: If you have not been allocated a place, then you have a legal right to appeal. Appeals are usually heard in May/June.


If your daughter has not been successful in gaining a place at Ribston Hall High School for entry in Year 7 in September 2020, you do have a statutory right to appeal before an Independent Admissions Appeal panel with Democratic Services. Please email Mrs D Murphy, Admissions Officer or telephone 01452 382249 w/c 9th March onwards for an Appeal Information pack to be sent to you.

Timeline Information: Please note, below is last years dates and will be amended once we have the information given to us in March 2020.

26th April 2019 at 12 noon


Deadline for submitting the Appeal Hearing Registration form back to Ribston Hall High School

3rd May 2019


Deadline for submitting any additional paperwork. Any documentation after this date may not be considered at the appeal hearing.

Dates will be held in May and June 2019.

Appeals will be held by Democratic Services, at Gloucestershire County Council.  Democratic Services will confirm the date and time of your appeal.