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The wellbeing calendar runs all through the school year with each month focusing on a theme, tying in with National and International Awareness days and weeks. See below for each monthly theme.

October 2019

November 2019

Our Wellbeing theme of the month is Kindness. To celebrate this theme, we decided to do various activities to spread kindness throughout the school, focusing on Wednesday 13th November (World Kindness day). Each form had a Kindness Pack which included slips of paper for all students to write a kind message to other students and also members of staff.

Our Wellbeing board also ties in with the kindness theme to encourage students as they walk past and see it everyday. At Ribston Hall we recognised and participated in the World Kindness movement because it has an important purpose to highlight good deeds in the community, focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness that binds us. 

Robyn Hammond 10D

December 2019

Our Wellbeing theme for this month was Thinking of Others. All throughout the month of December the school have been thinking of others who aren’t as fortunate as we are, especially at Christmas time. To help encourage the understanding of the struggle that this may be, on 3rd December, all students and staff were set a challenge to go #ADayWithout and give up something important in our lives for 24 hours. This went really well with Ribston Hall raising over £60 for Leonard Cheshire UK. Leonard Cheshire support individuals to live and learn and work as independently as they choose, whatever their ability. This is a charity to support physical and mental disabilities. 

On behalf of the Wellbeing Ambassadors, I would like to thank everyone who took part.

Maisy Chamberlayne 8S

Wellbeing Ambassador

January 2020

January saw Ribston Hall High School celebrate and acknowledge Young Carers Awareness Day. Each tutor group had a presentation and completed a quiz to ensure they had a greater understanding of the life experiences of young carers.

The Wellbeing Team organised tea and cake for some of our young carers, Wellbeing Ambassadors and Staff. Karen James from Young Carers Gloucestershire attended the event, along with Kerry Mann an ex Ribston student and spoke to us about what it means to be a young carer. Every day across the UK thousands of young people help to look after someone in their family, or a friend, who is ill, disabled or struggles with substance misuse. Recent research shows that one in twelve secondary school children may be a young carer. For many, their caring journey begins at a much younger age. Caring for someone can be very isolating, worrying and stressful. For young carers, this can negatively impact on their experiences and outcomes in education, having a lasting effect.

At Ribston, we want our young carers to know that we can and will support them, in any way we can. This may be a chat, offering emotional support or relieving some of the pressures students endure during their time in secondary education.

Many thanks to our catering team for supplying the lovely cakes and associate staff for all their help with this event.

February 2020

Struggling with poor mental health, then opening up about it can be very hard. Here at Ribston, we support whoever, in whatever situation.

February was packed with many things to do. For example, in tutor time, we watched a video about Stormzy opening up about depression. This was very inspiring because you don't usually see the background of celebrities (you don't see the bit of the iceberg that's below the water).

At our age some students experience bullying because of the way they look. This shouldn't be happening, and comments about your body can sometimes be very hurtful. If this is happening to you, remember that you are not alone- talk to a friend, an adult you trust, or the Well-being team, who are always on hand to help you.

We also watched a clip of Keala Settle singing 'This Is Me', a song all about not listening to what other people say.

Suffering from Mental health problems in children can have one of the most disastrous effects- it can impact on grades and on friendships. Our school offers many opportunities to help people struggling with their mental health but they might not be using these to their optimum. Sometimes students feel like they don't want to open up, but Ribston is a happy, friendly school and we respect everyone's emotions. Please do remember that we can help!

The Wellbeing team has come up with so much over the past few weeks to support us. Please do come talk to us if you are feeling stressed, and look out for students wearing the new Wellbeing Ambassador badges!

Blanka Gradziel   Wellbeing Ambassador 7.5

March 2020

April 2020

May 2020

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