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Celebrating International Women's Day: Inspiring Young Minds

By Harroop Bhandal, Year 12

The UN says: ‘Achieving gender equality and women’s well-being in all aspects of life is more crucial than ever if we want to create prosperous economies and a healthy planet. However, we are facing a key challenge: the alarming $360 billion annual deficit in gender-equality measures by 2030’.

Invest in women: Accelerate progress

As we celebrate International Women's Day (IWD), we take pride in our school's rich history of promoting women’s education, unwavering commitment to inclusivity, and dedication to inspiring the next generation of young leaders.

A Legacy of Empowerment: Our Journey from 1921

Founded in 1921 as an all-girls school, Ribston Hall High School emerged at a time when women's education wasn't widely prioritised. However, against the backdrop of societal norms, our school stood as a beacon of progress, offering young women the opportunity to pursue knowledge, ambition, and excellence. Over the decades, Ribston Hall has evolved, adapting to the changing educational landscape while steadfastly upholding its core values of inclusivity and empowerment. Through our varied and full curriculum, we actively encourage girls to excel in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), empowering them to pursue careers traditionally dominated by men. All students are provided with the tools, resources, and support necessary to thrive.

Rebecca Chisholme adds that “As a cyber first school we are offered many opportunities to go to cyber events targeted at young women to inspire us to go into the industry. Women are needed in the computer science industry as we need different perspectives to be able to find better solutions to problems.”

Rebecca is one of our talented Sixth Form Computer Scientists, who feels she has first-hand experience of Ribston's commitment towards women in STEM, which can be seen demonstrated through our achievement of the National Cyber Security Centre CyberFirst Gold Award. Other initiatives extend to fostering leadership skills amongst students, instilling in them the confidence to take on roles of influence and decision-making, through opportunities such as the Head Girl Team, School Mentors, Shaping Futures Mentors, Primary Partnership activities and student-led clubs and societies. We also regularly have speakers to visit and share their own success stories, to help nurture our aspirations.  It is often commented on by students how amazing it is that our school continually provides us with remarkably successful, strong female role models.

 Sixth Former Bethan Thomas says that “Having speakers come into school helps us have a wider view of the world, and allows us to think about what we’d like to achieve once we leave. Recently, Jessica Flint from RedBull came in and delivered a truly inspirational message.”

Breaking Barriers: Inspiring Young Minds

In a world where gender stereotypes and biases still persist, Ribston Hall High School remains at the forefront of promoting inclusivity and equality. Our commitment extends beyond the confines of the classroom, permeating every aspect of school life. In all sports, we continue to encourage and promote the participation and achievement of women and girls. We believe in breaking down the stereotypes and barriers, encouraging students to embrace athleticism, teamwork, and healthy competition. At Ribston we recognise and celebrate the creative and artistic talents of women and girls providing a platform for students to explore their creativity, express themselves and showcase their talents to the world. Through performances and competitions, we nurture a culture of artistic excellence, enabling students to pursue their passions and carve out their own unique paths. In these ways and so many more, Ribston Hall continues to ensure all students can realise their full potential.

Nellie (Nell) Flynn in Year 8 says that "Being apart of sport at Ribston is being apart of an amazing community, which encourages and empowers you! Ribston is full of unique and wonderful people, which makes us super diverse and welcoming!" 

Taking Action on International Women's Day

International Women's Day isn't just another date on the calendar — it's a powerful reminder of the ongoing struggle for gender equality and a call to action for meaningful change. At Ribston Hall, we embrace this day with enthusiasm, dedicating ourselves to initiatives that uplift and empower women and girls. From promoting women's participation in leadership roles to providing access to quality education and fostering a culture of inclusivity and respect, every action we take is a step towards a more equitable world. IWD began in 1911 and remains relevant as we all continue to advance women’s equality. This day belongs to everyone, everywhere. Together, as a global community, we must continue to champion inclusivity, challenge stereotypes, and create opportunities for all individuals to thrive. Ribston Hall High School stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and the boundless potential of young women. We continue to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and ensure young women can realise their full potential.