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Ribston Hall High School

Ribston HallHigh School

Parent Information

Term dates 

Please find relevant term dates in the clickable files below: 

Apps for parents 

Effective communication between school and parents is key, so we use a number of different apps for monitoring homework, attendance, reporting etc. 

Cloud School (Progresso)
Reporting, Attendance and Assessment data

MyEd App
School communication App; report absence and complete online forms

Show My Homework
Monitor Homework being set and when it is due

Top-up cashless catering and pay for trips

Easy Fundraising
Help raise money for the RHA by shopping through the portal

Parents Evening Booking System

Log on to book appointments for Parents' Evenings

Extra-curricular activities 

Name Day Time Year groups Teacher
Dance club Monday Lunchtime 7 AL
Senior choir Monday Lunchtime 10, 11, 12, 13 YY
Netball Monday Lunchtime 8 DH
Rugby Monday Lunchtime 7, 9, 10 KPi
Psychology Tuesday (Week A only) Lunchtime 12, 13  
Volleyball Tuesday Lunchtime 8, 9, 10, 11  
Rugby Tuesday Lunchtime 8 KPi
Netball Tuesday Lunchtime 7 DH
Music theory grades 4/5 Tuesday (Week A only) Lunchtime All YY
German conversation Tuesday Lunchtime 7, 8  LB
Hockey Tuesday Lunchtime 10, 11 DB
Ukelele  Tuesday (week B only) Lunchtime All YY
Band Tuesday Lunchtime 10, 11, 12, 13 YY
Spanish Rumba Wednesday Lunchtime 7, 8  
Dance club Wednesday Lunchtime 8, 9 AL
Maths drop-in Wednesday Lunchtime All NW
Junior Choir Wednesday Lunchtime 7, 8 YY
Netball Wednesday Lunchtime 11 DB
Art Wednesday Lunchtime 7 GC
Orchestra Thursday Lunchtime All YY
Football Thursday Lunchtime 7, 8 DH
Netball Thursday Lunchtime 9 DB
Code and Cyber  Thursday Lunchtime All KC
Music theory grades 1/2/3 Friday (week B only) Lunchtime All YY
Hockey Friday Lunchtime 7, 8 DB
Netball Friday Lunchtime 10 KPi

Fundraising Information

Schools continue to face financial challenges and the pressures on school funding are unremitting. Like all schools, and particularly in Gloucestershire savings must continue to be made in order to balance the budget each year.

A small monthly donation or a one off payment really can make all the difference!

Please find below the full fundraising letter from Mrs Colombini along with a Direct Debit and Standing Order form.

School Day Timings 

Registration and Assembly


Period 1

9.00am – 10.00am

Period 2

10.05am – 11.05am


11.05am – 11.25am

Period 3

11.25am - 12.25pm

Period 4

12.30pm – 1.30pm


1.30pm – 2.25pm

Period 5

2.25pm – 3.25pm

Final Bell


Heads of Year Contact Information 

Head of Year 7

Mrs K Pitman

Head of Year 8

Miss K Mowatt

Head of Year 9

Mr D James

Head of Year 10

Ms L Erro

Head of Year 11

Mrs A Cresswell

Head of Sixth Form

Mr R Goodwin

Music lessons 

We have a number  of peripatetic teachers who visit Ribston Hall to deliver regular music lessons across a range of instruments. If you wish your child to begin lessons, please contact the teachers below directly to ascertain availability and associated costs. Although peripatetic teachers use the school facility, the arrangements and the communication should be established upon the contract made directly between peripatetic teachers and parents and not the school. 

Please see the letter from Gloucestershire Music on instrumental lessons and instrument hire - this applies to the parents or guardians of students who wish to learn Bass Guitar, Double Bass or Piano. 

Name Discipline Contact Lesson and Room

Charlie Bunting



 Pippin Room 1

Debbie Davis



Pippin Room 4

Vicki Field


Mondays & Thursday

Pippin Room 1

John Ganner


[Graham Twist]


Pippin Room 1

Tristan Watson



Pippin Room 3



Bus Timetable 2022-2023 

School Uniform 

From September 2021 the new Year 7’s will be completely in the new style blouses and the new PE kit.

For students in Year 8 to Year 11, as you need to replace any items please replace them with the new uniform.

Pre-Loved School Uniform

The school has in stock a supply of pre-loved school uniform available to buy via the school finance office.  The school also holds sales at key events throughout the year and parents will be notified in advance when these are to be held.

Students can approach Mrs Oliver in the finance office or parents can email for further information and stock availability.

Current prices:

  • Blazer             £5.00
  • Skirt                £4.00
  • Trousers        £4.00
  • Blouses           £4.00
  • Jumper           £2.00
  • PE Skort         £2.00
  • PE Top            £2.00
  • Leotard          £2.00
  • PE Fleece        £2.00

Similarly, if you have good quality items to donate these will be laundered and made available to sell on ensuring that clothes no longer required are re-used with funds re-invested into the school.

Any uniform no longer fit for purpose will be recycled using the RHA’s clothing bank on the school site.