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Ribston Hall High School

Ribston HallHigh School

Dress Code

At Ribston Sixth Form, we not only encourage individuality and uniqueness but also strive for excellence in all aspects of our students' lives. Students unique style is welcome within the boundaries of smart business wear.

Here's what you need to know about the dress code policy:

Academic Excellence: We encourage our students to prioritise their studies and aim for academic success. Our dress code policy reminds us that education is a serious commitment and that we strive for excellence in all areas of learning.

Professionalism and Maturity: Wearing smart business attire prepares you for the future and teaches you how to present yourself confidently and respectfully.

Pride in the Ribston Identity: Our dress code policy, combined with our theme of "Be Ribston, Be Exceptional," instils a sense of pride in our Ribston Sixth Form identity. We want to uphold our values and traditions, and also celebrate our students unique personality and strengths. By respecting the policy, our sixth form students can contribute to a positive environment that fosters personal and academic growth.

To learn more please read the full Sixth Form Dress Code Policy.

In summary, here are the key guidelines:

Smart Business Attire: Choose tailored trousers, dresses or skirts, shirts/blouses, or smart tops that are tucked-in. Not jeans, track-suits, hoodies, trainers or crop tops. Clothes that can reflect your style while adhering to the smart business dress code. For specific guidance, please refer to points 3 to 8 in the full policy.

Smart Suit Jacket or Blazer: A well-fitted, neutral-coloured suit jacket or blazer is required for formal events and representing the school.

Our uniform policy strikes a balance between personal expression and maintaining a cohesive and respectful environment.

Join us in embodying the spirit of excellence at Ribston Sixth Form!