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Ribston's Musical Maestro: Forging Global Connections to the Royal College of Music

The Royal College of Music (RCM) in London, the global top institution for performing arts educationwith a rich history of nurturing talented musicians from around the world, resumed its international audition process this year.   

Established as one of the world's premier conservatoires, the Royal College of Music has been a beacon for gifted musicians aiming for international careers as performers, conductors, and composers. With a diverse student body of over 900, the institution attracts aspiring artists from more than 50 countries worldwide. 

Dr. Yang, one of our brilliant music teachers, has played a pivotal role as RCM's Korean Representative since 2012 in organising and managing the annual auditions in Seoul, South Korea. Dr. Yang's support extended not only to the logistical aspects but also to supporting the Korean applicants and their parents who participated in these crucial auditions as well as overseeing all the written materials for the publication of RCM publicity materials in Korean.

During the Covid pandemic and its aftermath, international auditions for the Royal College of Music had not taken place and had instead been on-line. But this year, the RCM entrance audition in Seoul, South Korea was back in the calendar.

Dr Yang, accompanied the judging panel - RCM Director, Prof. Colin Lawson, the Deputy Director Mr Porter, and the Head of the Keyboard Study Prof. Latarche to Korea during the October half-term. 

The collaboration Dr Yang has with the Royal College of Music highlights the calibre of our teachers and their commitment to providing exceptional opportunities for our students. Our GCSE Music students will have the opportunity to tour the Royal College of Music library, attend a lunch-time concert, and have a talk with the admissions officer next year.

We are incredibly proud of Dr. Yang and the impact she has made in promoting UK music excellence on an international stage.