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Ribston Hall High School

Ribston HallHigh School

Develop your individuality in the Sixth Form at Ribston Hall High School.

An invitation from our Senior Students.

The Spirit of Ribston is hard to capture within a sentence or even a word, but it reigns strong amongst our students and staff. We pride ourselves in our high academic expectations whilst having something special and different to other schools; our ‘family’ atmosphere. As our students enter the doors, they know they are entering a safe and welcoming place where they can thrive. Our students truly believe  ‘Once Ribston, Always Ribston’.

Students at Ribston are able to explore their talents and take on leadership roles  throughout their time at the school. This allows our young women and men to learn vital leadership qualities. Our Sixth Form contains not only the Senior Student Team, but also the Prefects, House Captains and Subject Captains who all take on various responsibilities allowing them to develop leadership skills and allows everyone - new student or old, to feel that they have a place in our school.

The school is also an advocate for healthy competition, which is why we have a House system. Our four Houses compete against one another in Performing Arts, Sport and many other events. This is in addition to our other extensive extra-curricular activities, which allow everyone to explore their aptitudes and achieve their ambitions, no matter the direction. Furthermore, our students are respectful and hard-working. Our teachers have taught us vital life lessons that we will carry throughout our adult lives. Staff repeatedly go above and beyond in not only ensuring that our students achieve the best results but also to support them emotionally. The welfare of our students is vital, and is significantly supported by the school Pastoral and Wellbeing Teams who ensure that the students feel safe and happy; this is just another example of our family ethos.

Finally, we would describe Ribston as our home and we are proud to belong to Ribston. Our school helps us flourish as not only students but young women and men. One of our students has been quoted as saying, “Ribston is a home away from home, it has always made me feel safe and secure from Year 7 all the way through to Sixth Form.” We therefore hope you will feel as at home in our family as we do.

For more information about Joining our Sixth Form please visit our Sixth Form Pages.