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The Effects of Dance

Image result for dance bbcDance is an excellent form of physical exercise, it builds up muscle and burns calories but can also help you achieve an overall sense of happiness. All exercise releases endorphins however because dance also incorporates music, it really has a positive effect on the mind.

Dance affects the mind through a feeling of satisfaction when dancing. Dancers may not always reach certain goals but you do have to work hard to dance and it’s the feeling of trying hard that makes you feel happy.

Dancing affects the mind in both the short-term and long-term. It helps the memory of dancers because of having to learn new moves and build up memory over time. Because of dance, dancers tend to be self-disciplined and self-motivated and grow to working in a structured manner when moving towards a goal.

Slower dances have different effects than faster dances, however in the long term they all result in dancers feeling happier. This is because faster dances take less discipline and memory.

There are many types of dance which also have different benefits:

Ballet has many physical, mental and social benefits. Ballet dancers are able to perform dances looking completely effortless. This style of dance really helps your body and mind, like many other styles of dance.

Jazz helps increase fitness, strength and flexibility. As well as the physical strength needed to dance jazz, the ability to express yourself through creative movement really helps when sharing personal emotions.

Physically, dance is also very helpful, it can improve the condition of your heart and lungs, increase muscular strength, increase aerobic fitness, muscle tone and strength, weigh management and help strengthen bones.

By Shona


The Greatest Showman Review- How does the film compare to real life?

The Greatest Showman is a new film which stars Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya, and Michelle Williams. It is a musical, meaning it contains many memorable songs that complement the plot. It has an amazing, heart-warming storyline, full of energy and excitement – it really engages you throughout the whole movie. Interestingly, it is based on the true story of PT Barnum’s circus. Barnum was the man who invented entertainment as we know it today.

So what is it about? A poor man, fired from his job, takes the risk of buying an old, run-down museum. However, no-one comes to the museum because it is dilapidated and old. With the help of his children, they brighten the place up. After the change, he and his family travel all around the area, finding amazing acts and spectacular people; putting together a show which becomes known as ‘The Circus’. Although he is met with a lot of applause, there is some uproar from the locals who claim that the performers are a disgrace to society. Despite the hate they receive, they still pursue their dreams and embrace who they are.

Although this is inspired by a real story, there are some aspects of it that are exclusive to the movie. For example:

  1. The relationship between Phillip (Zac Efron) and Anna (Zendaya) is a fictional romance; in fact, both characters did not play a part at all in Barnum’s circus.
  2. The relationship between Jenny Lind and Barnum is also fictional. In reality, however, she joined the tour due to the large amount of money Barnum offered her, but eventually left because his marketing was too pressuring.
  3. The extremely small man, who later became known as Tom Thumb, was asked to join the circus when he was 22 in the movie. Conversely, he was only 4 years old, and was in fact a distant relative to Barnum in reality.

Despite these differences, the rest of the story line is very similar – even the part about the museum burning down is real. I would definitely recommend this movie as it is a great film for any age range.

By Lucy T


The Most Influential Media of All Time… According to Generation Z

The entertainment industry today revolves around one main thing: views and opinions. Every film, every TV company, every music artist, they are constantly striving after the best reviews as reviews equal money. But what does our generation think of all this? I asked some of our school students what they feel that the most influential media is- and they didn’t disappoint.


Although some people may not like Casualty or feel that it is influential, we believe that it deserves a place on our list. Lucy, Year 10, told me that “Casualty gives me an insight into how the NHS is run and it includes current problems that our health system is facing.” Zaina, Year 7, said that “Casualty inspires my future career and gives me hope that I can achieve it.”


Even though Shrek is shown commonly to kids, multiple people have told me that they feel that it is influential. “Shrek may be a children’s film but I feel it is important. This is because it has surpassed the limits that DreamWorks original set for this animated film as it now has musicals and merchandise based on it and, since the release of the first film, there has been three sequels with a fourth coming out in 2019!” said Eirlys, Year 9. As well as all of this, we still love Shrek for its comical value!

The Greatest Showman

Whether you love it or hate it, our generation feels that this film deserves a mention. “The Greatest Showman provides us with the feeling that we are accepted in society. This is because Barnum doesn’t bat an eyelid when presented with people that society had discarded and appreciates their unique talents, skills and features.” said Aminah, Year 9.

Les Misérables

Even if you don’t like musicals, you will have heard of Les Mis. Running in London since 1985, Les Mis is one of the most famous musicals of all time having its own soundtrack and film featuring Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Amanda Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne and more! “Les Mis has taught me a lot about history and the French Revolution. I’ve learnt more from it than an actual history lesson!” said Macie, Year 12. “I love Les Mis,” said Rachel, Year 12, “I’m not ashamed to say I know every word to all of the songs!”

Dr Who

Running for 55 years, Dr Who has inspired and reached out to people of all ages. “Dr Who has inspired us to be imaginative and creative as well as making us think about space and other planets/ worlds” said Hosanna, Year 11.


The 1980’s rock group are recognised as a symbol of British culture due to their hugely popular songs. “To me, Queen are a British icon. They are widely recognised today and their music is still popular which inspires me.” said Isabella, Year 9.


Generation Z listen to Sia’s music and see her as an inspiration. Shona, Year 9, told me that “Sia is influential as she hides her face from view. This appeals to me as it shows that she is in the music industry because she loves it not just so she can become famous.” Sia’s first album was released in 2003 and she has been releasing music since then.

Blue Planet

Narrated by David Attenborough, Blue Planet returned to our screens in late 2017 and showcases the best that our oceans have to offer as well highlighting important conservation issues. “Blue Planet is influential as it promotes natural sciences and raises awareness of the horrors going on in the oceans and why our sea life should be protected.” said Annie, Year 9.

David Bowie

After his death in 2016, our generation has been exposed to the work of Bowie even more than we were before he died. Scarlet, Year 9, told me that “David Bowie was a unique artist who provided us with the confidence to be ourselves. He is known as an iconic British artist even after his death which means that he truly was a great.” Because of his unique dress sense and wacky makeup, some people didn’t accept Bowie to begin with, after listening to his music, people quickly changed their minds.

The Spice Girls

Although it was a bit before our time, The Spice Girls are still known for changing the British pop music scene. “I think that The Spice Girls are influential as they showed that women could be pop stars and they changed our British music scene. They inspired many artists to become who they are today and we wouldn’t be where we are now without them.” said Darcie, Year 10.

Harry Potter

A worldwide sensation, Harry Potter took the UK, and the world, by storm. With theme parks, films and spin off books, J.K Rowling created a magical world that appeals to film buffs and avid readers alike. Inspiring us to do embrace our inner child and look for the magic in the everyday world.


A new film about a boy with facial disfigurement, Wonder teaches us to look inside ourselves and not to focus on our appearance. “I find Wonder influential as it gives young people hope and tells us to not judge how we look on the outside and that it’s the inside that matters” said Olivia, Year 9.

So what have we learnt from this? Well, we now know that our generation cares about making the future world the best that it can be as well as remembering and reflecting on the events of the past. We know that new media is just as important as older media and that most media appeals to all age groups and means something different to each of us.

By Lucy G


Toff: Reality Stars Do Have Brains

Georgia Toffolo, also known as ‘Toff’, has started to speak out about how people who are on reality shows do have brains. She has expressed that as well as wanting to earn money from the show Made in Chelsea and on social media platforms such as Instagram, she also wants to be a good role model and wants people to know this before they jump to conclusions.

After starring on last year’s Celebs Go Dating, a reality show about celebrities looking for love, it was shown that Toff is very intelligent as brought up the topic of politics whilst on dates. This is often an opposite view of what people expect from reality show stars. This is what Toff wants to change, as she knows that make-up and social media is not what people from reality shows are all about; they do have brains.

Evie, a 14-year-old student from Ribston Hall, stated her opinion on reality stars “They are trapped in a media circle and have to keep up a celebrity image. It is hard for them to get out of the circle, but if they were themselves they would be more respected. Being in the ‘spotlight’ has many effects on the reality stars. Most of them know how to deal with paparazzi, so of course they have brains. I don’t see them as different, they are the same but just in spotlight.”

There are many reality shows, but many people move on after leaving some of them. For example, Kem Cetinay from Love Island went on Dancing on Ice this year and Megan McKenna has released 2 songs as she wants a career in singing not in reality shows. This just shows that not all reality stars want to stay on their show forever.

I think lots of people have the same opinions on reality stars, but many celebrities are trying to change that opinion, including Georgia Toffolo. With some of them wanting to be singers and others simply moving on to work with large companies.

So before you jump to conclusions about celebrities, keep this in mind: for some people it is their job and if they enjoy it they should do it. We may never know how ‘real’ they are being but will we know if anyone is ever being ‘real’?

By Shona


The Importance of Musical Theatre in Life and in Schools

Musicals. You love them or you hate them. If you’re like me, then you think that every musical is different and each expresses different meanings. If you’re not, this article is for you! Don’t see the point in musicals? Think they’re all just people singing and dancing or just sat on the floor crying? That’s where you’re wrong!

Musical theatre is needed in our everyday lives as it can allow us to express our feelings, be that joy, sadness or anger. From my point of view, musical theatre allows me to express how I am feeling whilst doing something that I love. It lets me be free through playing a character or myself and transporting them to different situations and scenarios. From a viewer’s perspective, musical theatre lets you leave your troubles at the theatre door and immerse yourself in the theatrical world. Whether you’re watching a show or just listening to a soundtrack, it provides you with an escape from everyday life.

But what is the use of it in schools? Some people believe that music, dance and drama are not subjects that should be taught in schools as they do not fit the traditional academic curriculum. However, I think that this is not he case as, for students who are not academically inclined, it gives them a chance to do what they love within a safe school environment.

I feel that musical theatre is a valued part of our curriculum and lives and should not be removed from either of them!

By Lucy G