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Ribston Hall High School

Ribston HallHigh School

 Can I bring my car to school?

You can bring a car to school when you have passed your test. Please be aware that there is limited parking available on site. Spaces will be allocated in discussion with the Sixth Form Team and a permit will be issued. Students who park off site, on one of the surrounding roads should park sensibly and be careful not to obstruct neighbours’ drives. 

What do I do if I know I am going on a university open day/interview? 

You should complete the yellow trips and visits form which are outside the Sixth Form Office in the pigeonholes. The forms are printed on yellow paper. All teachers must sign this to say they agree with you going and you need to arrange to complete the work you will miss. The form should be submitted to Ms Danks in the Sixth Form Office.

 Do I need to sign in and out?

All Sixth Form students are registered during form time at 8:40am. Should you be arriving at an alternative time or leaving the school site for any reason, you must sign in and sign out at the Sixth Form Office.

I have my own laptop, am I able to use the schools wireless Internet connection? 

Absolutely. Students are responsible for looking after their own personal devices and will be able to access the schools wireless Internet connection.

Am I allowed to book driving lessons during the school day? 

Driving lessons can be taken on Wednesday afternoon, during Enrichment time. We realise for driving/theory TESTS you are requested to go on certain dates and time and we will of course permit you to go, but you must advise the subject teacher whose lesson you may miss before leaving school and complete the appropriate forms.

Can I change subjects in Year 12 if I am not happy? 

It is imperative that you give subjects a fair chance, especially if it is a subject you have not done before such as Psychology or Politics. Initially, if you want to change subjects, please speak to the subject teacher of the subjects you are currently in and the teacher of the group you wish to go to in the first instance to make sure the subject is right for you. You will then need to see a member of the Sixth Form Team.You will continue with your A Level courses.

Why is punctuality and attendance to registration and assembly important? 

Registration and Assembly are key parts of Sixth Form life. You will use registration to meet regularly with your tutor. This is essential for tracking progress and building relationships for UCAS references. Assembly is fundamental for sharing all information on future careers and higher/further education. You might miss key information if you miss these sessions. All references ask us to comment on punctuality and attendance and we will often be asked to state how many times the student has been late or absent in the last 12 months.

Who do I contact about….? 

Concerns with Well-Being/Sensitive Issues/Pastoral Issues/Illness/Home Issues  Tutor or Member of the Sixth Form Team
Requests for New Timetables/Bursary Information/All School Letters  Member of the Sixth Form Team
Changing Subjects  Head/Deputy Head of Sixth Form
UCAS  Member of the Sixth Form Team
CV's/Career Pathways/Apprenticeships Careers Lead
Holiday Requests  Head/Deputy Head of Sixth Form