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Ribston Hall has specialised in educating girls in Gloucester for over 100 years. We enable our students to grow academically and socially within our supportive environment. We equip them with the skills and values to take their place in society and everyone comments on the ‘family feel’ at Ribston.

For September 2023 admissions, please click here.

For In Year Admissions, please click here.


The below information is for September 2022 Admissions only. 

Missed deadlines

Please refer to the following document for the next stages when you have missed the test registration deadline.

If you have missed registering your daughter, please email:


Late Test Information

Gloucester Grammar School Late Entrance Test (for those who missed registering in May/June 2021)

If you failed to register your child to sit the Grammar School Entrance test sat in September 2021, there is an opportunity for your child to sit a late test. Please read the information carefully and ensure you register when the registration opens.

Tuesday 11th January 2022 Noon. Registration will open. Links will be available on all Grammar School websites on this day.

Friday 14th January 2022 Noon. Registration will close. Absolutely no registrations will be accepted after this time.

Saturday 5th February 2022* Test Day – venue will be confirmed after all registrations have been collated. Parents will be emailed details of the test day. Please see below for Test Day Protocols which will still be in place.

Tuesday 1st March 9.00 a.m. Results from the late test will be sent to parents.

*This date may change in line with National Guidelines, which have not yet been received.

Please note you will not receive a place at any Gloucestershire Grammar School on 1st March following the late test. 

If your child does meet the Qualifying Standard, they will be eligible to request to be put on Grammar School waiting lists, providing you reply to GCC by Tuesday 8th March 2022.  You must complete the Waiting List Common Application Form for the Grammar Schools you are considering. The form will be available on the Gloucestershire Local Authority Website. 

Children who have not met the qualifying standard (i.e. have not passed the test) are unable to join the waiting list. 

Please note: GCC strongly encourage you to accept the school place you have been offered, even if you go on another school’s waiting list, to ensure your child has a school place in September 2022.


Denmark Road High School:

Marling School:

Pate’s Grammar School:

Ribston Hall High School:

Sir Thomas Rich’s School:

Stroud High School:

The Crypt School:



Gloucestershire Grammar School Entrance Test: Saturday 5th February 2022

Parents/Carers and Candidate Protocol for all Test Centres


To help ensure the efficient running of the Entrance Test, and to enable the correct implementation of government guidance on minimising the transmission of infection during the Entrance Test, the seven Gloucestershire Grammar Schools have agreed the following protocol which ALL families will be expected to abide by.

  1. No child, who is unwell (for example, coughing, exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19 or whose household is self-isolating or have been advised to through track and trace), should attend their Allocated Test Centre – please inform the Allocated Test Centre on the day before the Entrance Test (or earlier) if this is applicable to your child.  A medical test will take place on Monday, 21st February for those children who, for medical reasons, could not sit the Entrance test on Saturday 5th February.
  2. Parents/carers of a child coughing, or who becomes unwell during the Entrance Test will be contacted and requested to collect their child immediately.
  3. Only one family member will be allowed to drop off and collect their child and no additional siblings should accompany the candidate to the Test Centre. This will help avoid large gatherings outside each Test Centre/school. The family member must strictly abide by the relevant Test Centre’s Entrance Test protocol.
  4. No family member will be allowed into any of the buildings of the Allocated Test Centre at any time.
  5. Hand sanitising units will be available for use in each test room and at entry points in each school.
  6. Each candidate must bring with them: a completed ID form (with a photo/image of your child), 2 HB pencils, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, snack, and tissues in a labelled, clear plastic bag.
  7. Due to social distancing measures in place, each testing centre’s own protocols may mean that larger venues, such as School Halls, will be used. 
  8. Wherever possible, children from the same primary school will sit in the same test room as others from their school.
  9. On arrival at their Allocated Test Centre, children will be placed into their test room group forming a test bubble and will be strictly supervised from that point onwards.  They must not communicate with or attempt to be with any other child who is not in their allocated group.
  10. It is not possible to accommodate requests for a particular test sitting – timings will be issued via each school’s test day details letter and CANNOT be changed.


Under no circumstances should any child, or family member discuss, or publish the content of the Entrance Test at any time to ensure the security of the Test.  This includes speaking to other children, parents / carers, other family members, their teachers or tutors.  It should be stressed that anything shared may help other candidates and could result in their child not being offered a place.


The Gloucestershire Grammar Schools General Test Day Protocol – November 2021




CEM Information 

At the beginning of December 2013, the seven Gloucestershire Grammar Schools made a joint decision to start using Durham University (CEM) for the admissions test.  CEM are one of the largest independent providers of educational assessment and monitoring systems in the world.  They have been developing selection assessments since 1999, and provide tests for a number of grammar schools in other counties.

CEM do not produce commercially available practice materials and they advise that the best preparation for their tests is to read books and use mathematics on a regular basis.  However, familiarisation material is available below to enable parents to give guidance on the style of questions asked. It is also important for your daughter to understand the style of answer sheet that she will have during the examination.

Key Dates for Entry 2022 


Online Registration opens for September 2022

Open Monday 18th May and closes at 12 noon on Tuesday 30th June 2021

A link will be available during these dates only.

Entrance Test


Results emailed

Saturday 11th September 20201


October 2021 in time to complete your CAF form
Return your Common Application Form to your Local Authority  By 31st October 2021
National Allocation Day 1st March 2022
Appeals - Appeal Information packs will be available in April Appeals are normally heard during the months of May & June by Democratic Services

Parents are responsible for checking with the relevant Grammar Schools and the Local Authority that this information is still correct at the time of application

 Frequently Asked Questions

2022 Admissions (Frequently asked questions)

How does my daughter gain admission to Ribston Hall High School?

Ribston Hall High School is a selective school. To gain a place your child must first sit and achieve the required standard in the Grammar School entrance test. For 2022 entry, the test was held on Saturday 11th September 2021.

How do I apply to sit the grammar school entrance test?

You must complete the Grammar School Registration to enable your child to sit the entrance test. Information on this will be found on the Ribston Hall High School website at the appropriate time. Registration for 2022 entry was open from 18th May at 12 noon and closed 30th June 2021 at 12 noon.

Once you have registered online you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this confirmation email within a few hours of registering you must contact the school. At the beginning of the school term in September you will receive a letter detailing timings of the day and what your daughter should bring.

What is the format of the test?

The test consists of multiple choice style questions on verbal ability (comprehension, vocabulary and verbal reasoning), numerical reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. There are two papers each lasting 50 to 55 minutes with additional time for instructions and some worked examples. There will be a break between the papers.

Why has the test been changed?

The seven Gloucestershire Grammar Schools are concerned by the amount of tutoring that currently takes place. CEM are one of the largest independent providers of educational assessment and monitoring systems in the world. They have been developing selection assessments since 1999, and provide tests for a number of grammar schools in other counties. CEM design their tests to enable all children to demonstrate their academic potential without excessive preparation.

Is it possible to obtain some practice papers/sample questions beforehand?

Familiarisation booklet are available on our website which gives examples of the sorts of questions used in the test. CEM does not produce commercially available practice materials. Please be aware that materials sold on the internet or provided by tutors, other than CEM familiarisation and practice materials, are not genuine CEM samples.

How should my daughter prepare for the test?

Beyond the familiarisation material, the best preparation for the tests is to read books and use mathematics on a regular basis.

When will I get the results?

The results will be sent via email in October (date and time to be confirmed). The length of time between the test and the result is longer than in previous years but the results are published in good time for you to be able to complete the Local Authority’s Common Application Form.

If my daughter reaches the qualifying standard how do I apply for a place at Ribston Hall High School?

If your daughter meets the qualifying standard you will be informed and can apply for a place at Ribston Hall High School by completing the Local Authority’s Common Application Form (CAF) for allocation of school places. The deadline for this is usually 31st October.

Does the school have a catchment area?

Ribston Hall High School does not have a catchment area.

This information is based on the most up-to-date information available to us at the time and may be subject to change.  

School Transport 

To assist parents in making decisions about transport for their daughters to and from Ribston Hall High School, please find a list of bus companies below who currently provide transport for our students.  Transport providers are generally very helpful in discussing setting up new or altered routes where there is a need.  Our influence, whilst not insubstantial, has no power to control or alter the actions of the independent commercial enterprises.

Bennetts Coaches
01452 527809

Cheltenham, Churchdown, Gloucester, Bishops Cleeve, Shurdington, Brockworth, Hucclecote, Abbeymead and Longlevens.

John Dix Travel
01452 886633

Services from Cheltenham, Gloucester, Churchdown, Hardwicke/Quedgeley and Abbeydale

F R Willetts Limited
01594 810080

Service from the Forest of Dean

Pulham & Sons

01451 820369

Service from Winchcombe, Greet, Gretton, Gotherington, Bishops Cleeve, Woodmancote, Swindon Village, Gloucestershire College.


0845 2268095

Service from Swindon / Cricklade / Cirencester

Bus Timetable 2022-2023 

In-Year Admissions (Years 7-11)

For enquiries regarding In-Year admissions, please contact Mrs D Murphy you will be sent In Year Admission forms to complete and be placed in a 'holding' file until a place becomes available. This is when your daughter will be invited in to take a Cognitive Ability Test.

For Sixth Form admissions, please click here.