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Ribston Hall High School

Ribston HallHigh School

Key Stage 5 

Exam board

Edexcel Politics with component 3A


The course covers the Politics and Government of the UK, key political philosophies and the Politics and Government of the USA. Lessons include regular discussions on current affairs, debates on key political issues and analysis of political journals. Students are expected to keep up-to-date with current examples through watching the news, reading newspapers and engaging with the department Twitter account.

  Year 12 Year 13

UK Politics: · Democracy and participation · Political parties · Electoral systems · Voting behaviour

UK Government: · The constitution · Parliament · The Prime Minister and the Executive

Comparative Politics -USA: · US democracy and participation

Comparative Politics -USA: · The presidency · The US supreme court


Political Ideologies: · Liberalism · Conservatism · Socialism

UK Government: · Relationships between branches Non-core Political ideas: · Feminism

UK Government Revision

Comparative Politics -USA: · Civil rights Revision


Comparative Politics -USA: · The constitution

Comparative Politics -USA: · Congress

· Paper 1 – UK Politics · Paper 2 – UK Government · Paper 3 – Comparative Politics - USA

Paper 1

Key Topic 1: Democracy and participation

Key Topic 2: Political parties

Key Topic 3: Electoral systems

Key Topic 4: Voting behaviour and the Media

Key Topic 5: Liberalism

Key Topic 6: Conservatism

Key Topic 7: Socialism

Paper 2

Key Topic 1: The Constitution

Key Topic 2: Parliament

Key Topic 3: The PM and Executive

Key Topic 4: Relations between branches

Key Topic 5: Non-core political idea- Feminism

Paper 3

Key Topic 1: US Constitution

Key Topic 2: US Congress

Key Topic 3: US presidency

Key Topic 4: US Supreme Court and US civil rights

Key Topic 5: US democracy and participation

Extra-curricular opportunities 

Students have had the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament, the Supreme Court and Gloucester City Council Chambers. Ribston Hall have hosted local politicians in a hustings debate prior to the General Election. Politics students have also taken a leading role in running mock elections.