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Ribston Hall High School

Ribston HallHigh School


Key Stage 5 

Exam board

AQA A-level Sociology 7192


Sociology is the study of society and is a stimulating subject in which students achieve a greater understanding of the society in which they live. It will help to develop critical and analytical skills which are seen by employers and universities as essential for a changing world and an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Year 12

Education – The study of the purpose and changes to the education system and how particular social groups achieve.

Health – The healthcare system and inequalities in this, with some focus on mental health.

Research Methods – Studying the methods that sociologists use to understand society and the theoretical significance of them.

Sociological Theory – Core sociological perspectives and debates.

Year 13

Crime and Deviance – Explanations of crime in society and patterns of crime, looking at changes and possible prevention methods.

Beliefs in Society – The study of the changing nature of religion and its significance for society.

  Year 12 Year 13

An Introduction to Sociology: · Key concepts · Perspectives

Education: · The role of education · Social class and achievement · Ethnic groups and achievement · Gender and achievement · Education policy

Crime and Deviance: · Perspectives of crime – functionalism, Marxism, labelling theory and realism · Patterns of crime – social class, gender, and ethnicity · Contemporary crime – globalisation, media, green crime, and state crime · Prevention and Punishment – victimisation, theories of prevention and punishment, the role of the criminal justice system

Research Methods and Methods in Context: · Experiments · Questionnaires · Interviews · Observations · Secondary sources

Health: · The social construction of health, the body, disability, and models of health · Inequalities in healthcare – social class, gender, ethnicity and regional · Access to healthcare

Beliefs in Society: · The role of religion and definitions · Secularisation · Changes in religion – globalisation, fundamentalism, sects, and cults · Patterns of religious belief – social class, gender, age, and ethnicity · Science and ideology

Revision: · Core themes · Exam skills


Health: · Mental Illness · The health care industry and professions

Sociological Theory: · Perspectives – functionalism, Marxism, feminism, action theory, postmodernism · Debates – sociology and science, values and objectivity, social policy


· Paper 1 – Education with Theory and Methods

· Paper 2 – Topics: Health and Beliefs in Society

· Paper 3 – Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods

Extra-curricular opportunities 

A visit to Gloucester Crown Court in Year 13

A joint Politics trip to Parliament and the Supreme Court

Speakers and visitors

FemSoc – A lunchtime society focusing on feminism in contemporary society