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Ribston Hall High School

Ribston HallHigh School

Personal, Social, Health, Economics,Education | Citizenship | Careers 

Ribston Hall’s PSHEE, Citizenship and Careers programme covers the themes of Healthy Living, Relationships, Citizenship, Careers, Finance and E-safety and is based on the Cambridgeshire Personal Development Programme. 

Every year the curriculum is revised and amended according to the Online Pupil Survey, this gives our students a voice in designing a curriculum that meets their specific needs. 

Certain units of PSHEE & Citizenship are delivered through specific PSHE sessions by tutors on a fortnightly basis, whilst other units are taught by specialist teachers as part of a PSD programme that also operates on a fortnightly basis. 

The aims of our PSHEE, Citizenship and Careers programme is to encourage students in; 

  1. Becoming confident, responsible, citizens, understanding and respecting both their own and different cultures.
  2. Preparing to play an active and fulfilling role as a member of a community, both locally and globally.
  3. To build on individual strengths and develop a set of personal values which would encourage positive relationships and a sense of social responsibility
  4. Developing their own individual healthy, safe lifestyles, where they are aware of dangers in society and can develop positive and informed choices.

KS3 PSHEE topics include;

Community, Disability, Refugees, Global Citizenship, Banking & Budgeting, My identity, Rights & Responsibilities, CEOP, Social Network Safety, Cyber Footprints  & political systems.

KS3 PSD topics include;

Communication skills, Role models, Looking to the future, Looking after myself, The effects of alcohol and drugs, Friendships, Bullying, Puberty, and Relationships.

Year 8 also complete an Independent Project as part of the programme. This is a long term project which encourages students to choose their own individual current or controversial topic to research and present their findings. They are taught key skills such as developing enquiry based projects, how to research, reliability and validity of sources and time management.

Year 9 are additionally involved in a Futures Day, designed to get them thinking about future careers and the importance of subject options. They also take part in a Healthy Living day which addresses topics which are relevant to them on this theme.

KS4 PSHEE topics include;

Voluntary work & Gap Year Projects, Digital Footprints, Sexting , Misconceptions of Africa, Saving Money and Budgeting for the Future, Employment Rights and Democracy.

KS4 PSD topics include;

Post 16 options, Post 18 Choices, Healthy Eating, Female health, Stress management, Practical Career Advice, Domestic Violence and Teenage Pregnancy.

We regularly invite speakers and groups in to address students on a variety of topics and have recently had the following people in school: The Police to talk about Road Safety, The effects of Drugs and Alchol, Smokebusters run by the Cobalt Appeal and Chelsea’s Choice theatre group. We have also enabled members of our Sixth form to run individual lessons on topics that students have requested.

The Citizenship Programme is not only taught in classrooms, as students are encouraged to be active citizens and as part of the programme run events for other parts of the community for example “The Community Tea Party” where they invite older members of our community to tea and “Sportsability Day” where students host SEN Secondary Students and help them complete a number of sports activities.