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Ribston Hall High School

Ribston HallHigh School

Teachers: Mrs L Derbyshire (Curriculum Lead for Humanities), Mr D James.


The aim of the Politics department is to develop our students' insight into the political beliefs that are central to an understanding of the modern world. By understanding where power lies in society, addressing the big questions that face us in the 21st Century and developing the skills of analysis and debate, Politics students are empowered to succeed, whatever their chosen field.

A Level Curriculum

This is a two-year course that provides an introduction into how the British Political System operates and the major political beliefs and issues in British Politics today. The course also incorporates topics on ideology and a comparative unit that examines the US political system in comparison to the UK system.


Paper 1
Democracy & Participation
Party Policies & Ideas
Pressure Groups
Core Ideologies- Conservatism, Liberalism and Socialism

Paper 2
The Constitution
Prime Minister & The Cabinet
Judges & Civil Liberties
Non-Core ideology- Feminism

Paper 3
American Politics to include:
The President
The Supreme Court
The Constitution
Political Parties
Comparative Approaches


Extra Curricular

Ribston Hall Politics students have built a reputation for excellence in extra- curricular activities. We have regular speakers in to school, including all of the candidates for the 2019 General Election who took part in a hustings. We have visited Westminster, incorporating trips to the UK Supreme Court and Houses of Parliament.